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A little story about Henry Golding

About Henry.

Some words about Henry Golding

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less travelled” nothing more could describe Henry Goldings adventures in life better than Robert Frost’s “A road less travelled”.

Being of mixed heritage, his father is from England and his mother from the “Iban” tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia. With such a unique background, he has always viewed the world with equally eastern and western values.

Growing up predominantly in the UK, his return and love for Asia was of course inevitable.

Henry is a fully trained hairstylist turned Host/Travel presenter who resides in Singapore and Malaysia.

After relocating from London back in 2008 to Asia, his career as a regional television host has grown from strength to strength. After receiving his first big break on ESPN’s Castrol Football crazy, he found his true calling under a production called “Welcome to the Railworld” for Media Prima channel, 8tv – Nominated at the Asian Television Awards for best lifestyle programme 2011.

Some of His Highlights.

Work of Art and Progress

This saw Henry’s first foray into travel hosting only to bring fourth a whole slew of productions with some of the highlights including;

  • Two seasons of “Without Boundaries” an adventure series that saw him tackle the highest mountains in Malaysia and also dive the most beautiful oceans.

  • “Now everybody can travel to New Zealand” where he thrust himself into every extreme sports imaginable, plus navigating over glaciers and varied terrain of the beautiful country – Nominated for best lifestyle programme at the Asian Television Awards 2012

  • “2 Brothers 2 Cities” Channel News Asia, where he had to venture to the remote village of Bama in Guangxi to meet the infamous Centenarians and also live in the Soganli valley caves, in Turkey.

  • In “Driving Change with Caltex” co production with Nat Geo and Fox channels saw Henry take on his largest challenge yet. Five countries across South East Asia, three days in each to complete a charity challenge to benefit the community with help from online social media.

His Clientele.

Notable milestones

  • ESPN
  • Channel News Asia
  • National Geographic
  • Fox
  • NBC Universal
  • Media Prima

Why Work With Henry.

His Strengths and More


Henry’s ability to adapt and keep composure, to any filming environment be it studio-controlled work, to extreme and harsh conditions. Multiplied by his charisma and infectious character, makes him one of Asia’s most loveable television hosts.

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Henry Golding

A Travel Host, Presenter, Adventurer and Memory Collector.

Henry is a fully trained hairstylist turned Host/Travel presenter who resides in Singapore and Malaysia. Multiplied by his charisma and infectious character, makes him one of Asia’s most loveable television hosts.

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