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Henry's adventures, thoughts and more

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Jungles of Life

For some people their idea of the jungle is a scene from Disneys “Jungle book”. Your best mates a big black bear who loves playing the bongos, dancing with orangutans, making fruit cocktails and best...

27 Mar
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Mulu Caves

To get over to these amazing natural wonders from KL you need to take a flight over to Miri and then jump on a small, two flight a day propeller plane. It pretty much lands you right in the middle of Mulu...

27 Mar
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The Jakun

There’s an old way of describing someone in Malaysia who is simple and unknowing about the world, almost naïve in fact. You would describe them as a “Jakun”. The Jakun are a tribe of orang asli...

27 Mar
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Squid Jigging Fiasco

I lie shivering in my shorts and T-shirt on a bed of life jackets. Im on the roof a fishing boat off the coast of Pahang with nothing but the countless stars to keep me warm… its 5:10am. I’ve been...

27 Mar