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Jungles of Life

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For some people their idea of the jungle is a scene from Disneys “Jungle book”. Your best mates a big black bear who loves playing the bongos, dancing with orangutans, making fruit cocktails and best of all is a fantastic singer. This isn’t usually the case with some of the jungles I’ve experienced. Swap the big cuddly bear for some fat leaches, mosquitos would have to take the place of the orangutans and forget about the fruit cocktails, you’l be sweating so much the only thing you’d be yearning is nice cold glass of good old H2O.

But there is an upside to this rather uncomfortable trek into a million year old jungle like the one at Taman Negara Malaysia’s biggest natural park. The sights and sounds of a fully living, breathing ecosystem are startlingly sublime.

Once you arrive at Taman Negara, it’s a short boat ride to the other side of the river where one of the oldest jungles in the world lies. You quite literally step back in to time. The trees seem to resonate an aura of their own, like a single living entity, all working in a circle of unison. One species not being able to live without the other.

If you want to find perfection of life in which us humans have been striving for, for thousands of years. just look at Nature. A big slap in the face was what I experienced, a wake up call, a realization perhaps. The simplicity yet ridiculously muted elaborateness of a jungle is open for all to see, you just have to brave the conditions.

One of my favorite things to do over there is the “Canopy Walk”. You quite literally are walking on air tens of meters within the rooftops. A view usually reserved for our feathered friends or other nimble such creatures.

But if you do manage to brave the heights, a new perspective of this environment is open to you. Suddenly your breathing is thick full of dewy oxygen, your lungs not use to the richness of the air. Your eyes dilate and a state of bliss surrounds you. Its only ever been in moments of nature that something like this occurs to me, be it at a waterfall, a white sandy beach or rich and lustrous jungle does ones self stop and let down the barrier. Its food for the soul being here. nutrition for daily weariness of life. Getting back to nature such as a jungle just puts everything back into perspective, stood there in your sweat drenched t-shirt, your legs still sapping blood from the countless mosquito and leech bites, your feet aching from the trek through the thick vegetation. Its all worth it in the end,

we might not all have a best friend whos a big black bear who loves to sing and dance.

But what we do all have, is a little bit of Mowgli in all of us.

Henry Golding

A Travel Host, Presenter, Adventurer and Memory Collector.

Henry is a fully trained hairstylist turned Host/Travel presenter who resides in Singapore and Malaysia. Multiplied by his charisma and infectious character, makes him one of Asia’s most loveable television hosts.

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